Scrying Phantom Seas ~ EV14 ~ March 2009

Motherland C. (c) 2009 All International Rights Reserved by Myztico

Lissness (c) 2009 doktor J

Hunger dreams for her
In the dream, we were one of the many
that stayed, withering up to the blooming
clouds, white above our heads.

Lethal horizon approached our love, came
to us, gasping for the dream we snatched from
them to stay alive.

Clinging to the cracks on the rocks until
the wind became our cracks,we almost lost
our lives in serving a gourmet illusion.

The other day, we looked up, hoping to
catch a glimpse of the moon for it has been
counted to the day she would be full.

We turned up and looked and looked. Couldn't find
her; and devastated and bitter, we
remembered that she fell as

we reached up for her into the sea. And
that night, the sea glowed while we cringed further up
into our dreamland.

copyright Jacqueline Chia All Rights Reserved

The ferryman

There is another dream my mind revisits. An evil, feverish dream... I am walking on the cobblestones beside the Mississippi River, and it is twilight time. As I pause to watch the water rushing by, I see something move in the darkness. It's an apparition of some sort, a man who is only half there. His face seems familiar. The ghost begins to move until it is out of view behind a floodwall. The dream asks me to follow this spirit, and I do. I climb the barriers beyond the area deemed safe. There are still cobblestones beneath my feet, but I am much closer to the river now. It mists my face like ocean waves, and it smells of catfish. The stones I am walking on are wet and greasy and this path is sloping ever downward. But I can still make out the spirit ahead. It keeps rounding brick walls, yet at all times the river follows at my right.
The cobblestones slowly turn into stairsteps as the sky grows darker, and from somewhere I have produced a lighted torch. The ground levels out below, and there at the bottom stands the faded spirit, close to the crawling river's edge. As I reach flat ground I wave the torch and see myself surrounded by many shades, faded people who don't seem to notice me. Now the spirit I have followed puts on a pair of thick glasses, and I recognize him as my grandfather. I am mortified, yet I see that he cannot speak to me, and I am too unsure to say anything to him.
A small light is now moving across the surface of the water, and as it draws near, I can see that it is a lamp hanging from the bough of a small boat. And standing in the boat is a tall cloaked figure clutching a long pike, which he sweeps like an oar. He approaches the bank, and my grandfather's spirit moves to enter the boat. I plead with this Charon-figure to allow me to ride. My grandfather gives the ferryman coins and they both wave me in.
We glide across the surface of the river, which seems completely placid save for the occassional eel or tentacle that roils to the surface, and the sky has changed to a violent neon color. Everything is lit vibrant, but still there are shadows everywhere. I squint downriver at the opposite shore to see if I can spy our destination... I stare and then I know. There is a forest of spiky trees and atop them, men and women impaled, writhing in agony yet dim and hardly present at all. I have to squint to see, but I spy a large mountainous terrain with a large fortress built into it and in the center, a collosal door that has begun to open for us. The river rushes in to flow through it, and now I see that the river is pure blood. Our ferry's destination is the Underworld.
I become frightened and I plead with my grandfather's silent spirit. I explain to the ferryman that my grandfather was a good man when he was alive and that I myself am still among the living. Neither of us belong in this place. Neither the ferryman nor the spirit move and we are about to pass through the doors of this hell. Seeing no other way out, I leap out of the boat into the warm river of blood and struggle to swim against the current. I exert all my strength to push against the rushing crimson waters. I swim past other sullen shades who moan and drown beneath the waves, but I have the advantage of being alive and my pace is stronger. I finally reach a tiny island of moss and dead trees. I climb up the brittle branches and survey my surroundings, but it is too dark too see my way out, and the river seems like an ocean with no banks. I do not even know the direction of the hellmouth I swam away from. I wrap myself around brittle limbs and try to sleep, but I know that there will be no dawn to wake me up...

~~ (c) Anthony Max images and text

Shamanic Art

Recently, I was visited by an old friend who, when looking at the parts for one of my current decorative arts projects (Calla Lily Pavilion Table), was quite taken aback at the degree of reality I had accomplished in my three dimensional rendering of a Calla Lilly in bronze and stainless steel. He looked at me with an air of reverence and curiosity and asked quite sincerely if this was Shamanic Art. And then he asked how I did that...

I have always conceived of the artist as an interpreter, and implicit in the higher works of sculpture, an aspiration to create art that has the ability to TRANSCEND the nature of the crude materials with which it is constructed and affect CONSCIOUSNESS in meaningful ways, initially for the artist himself and later for the viewer. The Shamanic Journey for the artist is highly personal and self indulgent in many ways, but if the quest gains the ELEMENTAL expansive archetypal consciousness of it’s highest manifestation, then the results and learning become apparent and contagious and the role of artist exhibits what Joseph Campbell has explained in "The Masks of God" (1959), "The shaman was to serve as interpreter and intermediary between man and the powers behind the veil of nature."

My training began in childhood. Both parents were artists and both interpreters to some degree. My father launched his career as a sculptor with ecclesiastical pieces and so, inherent in my training was a fair amount of instruction about research, INTENTION, RIGHT ACTION, and a curious type of ALTRUISTIC LOVE. No doubt my later academic studies in Parapsychology and Art have informed my work and provided me with the language to describe an otherwise osmotic event, namely the gradual but methodic TRANSFERENCE of “THE GIFT” from father to son. For in fact neither he nor I, at the time, conceived of my curiosity and attachment to the process as a preliminary to a career in the arts. But the lessons learned in those early years had as much to do with an ORIENTATION TO LIFE as they did specific techniques. And though we were both “tool users” by nature (square palm etc.) we both held a fascination for the ethereal and the DIVINE ASPECT of the “natural” world. So, after many years of travel, introspection, academic study in psychology, philosophy, and art, I came to the conclusion at age 24 (as my father had before me), that the act of creating sculpture put it all together for me, and became my raison d’etre. All my various skill sets, psychological orientation, attitude toward the world at large, and desire to express love, were simultaneously engaged and empowered, and precipitated an efficient trajectory toward soul growth. I must stress that at this nascent stage, my motivation was purely mercenary. I entered into the process for purely personal reasons, but of course the journey changes you, just as the quest for the Holy Grail inevitably changed those in long search of it.

The technical skills of metal sculpture take many years to master . It is a tenacious medium that requires strength of will, discipline and a focused and sustained degree of attention spanning many years. But as these arduous skills and mastery develop, the degree of difficulty diminishes and is gradually replaced by “secondary considerations”.

These secondary considerations are the aspects that coalesce in the Shamanic Aspects, and in my own particular case have formed the framework for a type of symbolic LYCANTHROPY. Thus, like the shaman who after many years acquires the ability to SHAPE SHIFT”, in essence, not to just APPEAR like the subject animal, but to actually BECOME the animal with all it’s inherent strengths and abilities but also it’s weaknesses and liabilities, I too have a similar process to distill the essence of whatever subject I am trying to portray in metal. I use the term “NESS” to illustrate this distillation. Thus as I am presently considering the Calla Lilly. I research, study, thoroughly investigate and otherwise sponge up calla lilliNESS. It is the complete union with the subject (plant or animal), that gives me the intuitive insight to infuse its character in the metal. There is so much hermetic alchemy, sympathetic magic, and otherwise hierophanical content in this process I hardly know where to begin to describe it. Better actually that I do not. There are strange attractors at work here that to retain their potency are better left undefined. Our conscious minds are sometimes an impediment to TRUE understanding, and the adoption of a posture of PASSIVE OBSERVATION can oftentimes in retrospect give us the wider view and insight to our own subjective processes.

My sculpting and technique in these instances is attenuated by a sincere and pervasive AFFECTION and LOVE of the subject. The love of which I speak is a VOLITIONAL ACT and consecrates the subjective commitment which in turn is REQUIRED to create the best work possible. Most people think love is uncontrollable, that it’s a force of nature like the wind or tide, but in fact we CHOOSE to love certain things, like objects. A man may say he loves his car for instance, and that love is a very different thing than the love he felt when first he met his wife…My father taught me this very practical trick with life drawing when I was very young. I was complaining that I didn’t like the body type of the model, that because of this I didn’t like to draw her. But if you can bring yourself to a place where you LOVE the subject of your art, even temporarily, be it model, flora or fauna, then you can find the beauty in it, and thus reveal it in your work. The focus on its intricacies reveals a phenomenal engineering structure and inevitably leads one to the conclusion that ALL living forms are DIVINE and by their very nature miraculous. Thus the shamanic journey for me celebrates the NUMINOUS. The in-studio act of creation on this level is an altered state, it strips away ego and like some symbolic calcination in a crucible, renders my being purified of dross and suitably prepared to act as conduit and hear once again the gentle whispering of the Muse.

images and text (c) Stephen Fitz-Gerald 2009

Low Tide # 5 (2008) Jamie McHugh, Sea Ranch, CA

Thunder Moon

Warm summer night
Full moon
A trance
Up, up, up I go
To the moon
Thunderbird awaits
We merge
Spiral down, spiral down
Lightning for eyes
Darkness for wings
Rain and wind
Booming voice
Across the land
The trance ends
The vision does not
Up in the sky
Full moon
Lonely cloud
Lit by the moon
Glowing halo
Lightning forks
Across the cloud
Thunder speaks
From the cloud
It follows me
It speaks to me
Acknowledges me
Honors me
I honor Thunderbird

copyright David Price

copyright Sandy Viktor Nys

by Susan R. Woodward

Anne Shirley’s Lake of Shining Waters has nothing on the Adirondak’s
Placid, Blue Mountain or Racquette;
Breezes send ripples of creamy satin
Shimmering and shining in the sun;
An archipelago of water lilies dots the surface
While the wake of a passing boat sets duck weed to dancing.
When calm, the lakes become mirrors
Conforming as images of their surroundings.
To those who keep their distance, these images are pleasing
For they see only what they want to see;
Surface appearances and no more.
But for those who dare to come close enough,
They may discover a world hidden from first view.
In gazing beyond the looking glass to what can be found there,
Crystal clarity allows for true seeing and the birth of intimacy.
Astonishing beauty abounds;
Much more so than the mere reflections of the surface.
Submergence provides for possible unity
In two worlds becoming one;
But only those who risk the dark depths of the unknown
May come to complete understanding--

Some will begin only to give up
Upon encountering jagged rocks hidden below;
Others will continue beyond
Until injury sends them paddling to the surface once more;
Only for the daring few who descend to the depths
Do hidden treasures dwell in abundance,
Awaiting discovery.

"Jewels and Stones"
Copyright © 2006 by Eva Makkos. All rights reserved.

On Being Pisces

Flashing, glinting, thrashing
beneath frothy cerulean blue,
two silvery fish draw and heave…

Each drawing the other
to an ambiguous cardinal point.

Churning in ghostly, grey waves,
these two fish are one in me,
submerged in my being,
lashed together by their tails,
they pull my psyche in twain…

Dragging and hauling.
they tear my sympathies,
my life,
asunder --
even as the nets surround us,
and we struggle to breathe…

The nurturing Mother Sea,
who birthed us and
preserved us,
also drowns us
and kills us

in Her very same water...

image and text copyright Jean C. Fisher

'Western footballer' Jude Cowell Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative 2.5
I am become mute

My breath is not mine

But belongs to them

But for their eyes

Being open

Mine would close

I have walked

Around and around

Looking at the path

Of the past

Shown in objects

And art

Birthdays and Christmas

Jet planes and brief visits

And now

Near grown god/dess

Life waxes in you

As it wanes in me

But I breathe, breathe

Breathe, breathe

Because you love me

My sore faults that others


You understand, you know why

Dada kine life

So far away

To coax a ragged breath

Time and time again

From old lungs

What can I tell you of my days?

What have you not seen?

You carry scars

From the witness of my tears

Scars that will only fade

With my passing

But I breathe, breathe

Breathe, breathe

Heart beats, soul pains

Sleep flees, voices rise

Floors bear angry steps

And there is blindness in our eyes

It all runs out like water

Love is truly like chocolate

When it is hot it is fluid

And when it is cold

It is hard

But you will learn that

In the years after

My passing

So do not grieve for me

When it is burial ground time

Do not feel deserted

As I take my rest

Still I am with you

In the scars you carry

For what you have seen

Remember me, endure

And breathe, breathe

Breathe, breathe

copyright Djones 2009

"Purusha & Pakriti - Primordial Creation" Copyright © 2007 by Eva Makkos. All rights reserved.

Trilabites (c) Aaron Staengl
Faery House

For Selina

Woodland eye wears whispers.
I listen as soundless
fae play dulcimer on your iris,
and your face a changeling,
alien who steps over the threshold—
you come into my world.

Who are you since I dreamt you
into being?

Do you come to bring the wild
world closer?

With elvin ears and omen eyes
rolled stones upon my altar
you tell my future,
and I believe you.

A child again in your arms
I kiss your lips, your cheek,
eyes and ears, slick lick
kitten, lapping up prophecy
like sweet cream from your palm.

I build you now a woodland house
of birch bark walls and pine needle floor.
A place to be with you eye to eye.
We nestle in on the coldest night.
Our hair entwines like roots.

copyright Kala Snowflower

"Return of the Sea" (c) Michael Dickel

Entanglement of Light
(three variations after hearing Monk and reading Zajonc)

i light years of jazz

this light’s so strange,

shade of maples—outstretched,

tall, sentient stripes—connect

February to April.


brokered over space through time,

across grass passages between

Genesis and Exodus.

Imagine entering the shaft,


tangled identities write an instant,

a horizon and its spectator.

No brush with blues could capture

falling into the rich humus or


before shadow.

Lost in perspective,

the escaping direction of

light and dreams coalesce,

having no weight,

ii quantum canvas

this light, so strange—

brokered over space through time,

tangled identities write an instant

before shadow.

Shade of burr oak—outstretched

across grass passages between

a horizon and its spectator.

Lost in perspective,

tall, sentient stripes connect

Genesis and Exodus.

No brushed yellow could capture

the escaping direction of

February to April.

Imagine entering the shaft,

falling into the rich humus, or

light and dreams coalesce,




having no weight,

iii inscribing light

This shade, tall February promises brokered across creation. Imagine
slipping, tangled; a horizon; no falling—recall before the lost
light; having light, too sentient over grass, entering identities
brushed into perspective—escaping dreams, nothing. Black walnuts
stripe April space. Passages exit writing, spectacular indigo in the
shadow-direction of weight. So outstretched, connecting through
(between) the shaft, an instant capture richly coalesces strange
time, a moment's hue, or

(c) Michael Dickel

Sungoddess in Perspective (c) Alkistis Wechsler


Return of the sea

In the dream a sea:
storm waves consume the mid-western farm,
depositing sand on the mud of the beaver pond.
Waves suddenly wash around tenement apartments,
threatening the mail room, the men’s room, storage rooms—
a manager on the phone, disinterested and unbelieving
when several tenants urge action, evacuation.

At first I body surf along huge rollers right
up onto the soft sand now thick across the fen,
a creek lost in sand—oaks, poplars, tamarack shoved out of the way.
Agassiz never thought this stormy sea—

then while running against the rise of waves, along
the wet interior sand looking for shells, other washed up trash,
I find remnants from the Renaissance—
or perhaps Victorian— era:
a commemorative of the death of a King
(long live the Queen),
gold coins,
a wooden chest with scraps of recent poems.

I dig for treasure as the water rises in its most powerful swell.
Feverishly my hands stir sand,
not wanting to lose this precious place
where pirates have left their booty.
I try to remove sand under the shadow of water.

sea water seeps up through slum floors,
rushes downstairs, crushing insubstantial wooden doors,
shattering windows; it
burns with electric rage up the walls until
the manager hears the shock come for him through the phone.

Someone will call the police,
who will come in full riot gear to shore up
water-logged cement under crumbling bricks;
but the foundation collapses, pieces of brick grind into sand

copyright Michael Dickel

spiritworlds therianthropics (c) 2007 All International Rights Reserved by Myztico

(c) Gabe Marquez

Bahama Waters

Schools of iridescent purple fish

slip through the seas

that slide down my face.

Surface tension

locks the liquid

It can’t flow

I swim the canyons where coral and sea shadows

beckon me

slippery and lost

to glide

like a great triggerfish

into the forever blue.

Until that crystal thread

that connects me to memory

hums a siren song

beckoning toward stickier solid matter.

I float in curious ponds

that fill and change.

In this thin liquid

I await the tide.

copyright Terra Wolfe

Visions 2006 copyright Beric Henderson

Ascension 2009 copyright Beric Henderson


After this I came upon a tiny tidepool in the sand, and there lying in the shallow water at the bottom of the tiny tidepool was a sea shell that the tide had left behind.
So I picked up the sea shell and held it up to my ear to hear the ocean roll: But a voice spoke to me from inside the sea shell and said, "Follow the beach another mile until you come upon a nest of sea turtles, and there you will find what you are seeking."
So I did as the voice said and followed the beach until I came across a nest of baby sea turtles. And there embedded in the sand beneath a palm tree was a Golden Treasure chest covered with sea weed and barnacles.
And approaching the Golden Treasure for a closer look, I could see that it was fastened with rusty old chains and secured tightly with a strong lock: That no other man might come along and carry it off for his own.
Then, as I stood wondering how I might break into the Golden Treasure, a rushing wind swept me off my feet. And shaking the sand from my eyes, I looked up and saw the angel walking on the waves with a golden key in his hand.
So quickly rising to my feet, I went and took the golden key from the angel and inserted it into the lock: And immediately the treasure-trove sprung open, revealing a fortune in silver and gold, pearls, moonstones, opals, aquamarine and many other precious gems
After this we boarded a ship that had been prepared beforehand and sailed across the reef to the shores of an uncharted island, surrounded by ten thousand mermaids and waterbabies.
And when we had set foot upon the windswept sands, the angel took me down into the tomb of the great sun king and showed me all the marvelous sights. And when we had passed through the burial chamber of the great sea queen and explored all its underwater gardens and secret passageways, we hoisted anchor and set a course for home.
And sailing on our way back home, the angel brought me up on deck and explained how the stars make their circuits through the constellations of the zodiac, and the sun alike. And the way in which the whales migrate to warmer waters in the winter and colder waters in the summer, and their relationship to the stars and planets.
But on the midnight watch we ran into a violent maelstrom and the ship was in peril. And menacing thunderheads loomed on the horizon.
And it was given unto me a golden rod like a staff. And the angel summoned me and said, "Take your divining rod and quell the storm."
So I took the golden rod in my hands and raised it up to the blackened sky: And lo, a magnificent thunderbolt shot down out of the clouds and struck the golden staff like a lightning rod, jolting it loose from my grip and sending it clattering to the deck.
And the powerful force of the electrical current surging through my body knocked me to the deck, causing me to nearly lose consciousness.
And when the angel had again set me upon my feet, he said unto me, "Now take your golden staff and cast it into the sea: For in the days of this prophesy, when you have waxed old and weakened with age, it shall become for you a pillar of strength and a sign of your unwavering faith, in that whosoever sees you walking upright will know that you are indeed a true servant of God."

copyright David Harrington

"Protection" Copyright © 2008 by Martin Herbert


I rode far upon a mare of the night
she of high fame and noble descent
snorting displeasure at my feeble attempt
to guide by the stars her unfettered flight.
We ventured to caverns lit by bright vermin.
We enjoyed the charm of enchanting seers.
I held the heart of folk I held dear in a dream
carried lightly in my pocket, far yet too near,
for the fear came upon me
again and again that I might fail, might fall,
might show a crack of desperation
and who could love me now?
Who could find me bare and broken,
hear the words I could not speak,
recite the words that I must hear
to retrace, to find my place,
on back of the sacred mare,
back on my sacrificial journey?
Love becomes too great a luxury.
I must be free to name my price.
I travel the vast reaches of space for you.
I delve into my deepest pain to hold out
painted posies, dripping in consecrated wine.
Where would I not rush in if I could blast the barriers
to bring your treasure, wrapped in shining glory?
Alas, Alack, these treasures I demand in your honor
are not those of your own demand.
Again I face you bent and bowed with empty hand.
I can not face that anymore.
We ride, I astride my plucky equine avatar.
She is, as it has turned, my only friend.
Our adventures become legion, become legend.
I'll not be bringing home that story.

(c) March 2007 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

"Dreamtime 40,000 years"(c) 2008 All International Rights Reserved by Myztico

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Jorge Myztico Campo

Myztico was born in Cuba and raised in the Times Square District of NYC. He is a self taught artist, muralist, musician, filmmaker and writer. His works have been collected by the Museum of Native Americans in Washington, D.C and held in private collections internationally. His work was recently showcased in TheVisionary Revue

He has showcased his work throughout the USA and his work can be seen and heard at: http://myztico.mosaicglobe.com/
email address: myztico13@yahoo.com

doktor J

"doktor J is a visionary scientist representing new art for a new civilization. this webpage is like a powerful dose of instant transformation technology, a movement towards an authentik manifestation of archaic-future shamanological intelligence applied in the form of art. supporting intentional local culture and arts, this webpage is stepping up as another celestial hub for tribal numinaries and elf loving intrepids. not only should everyone support the site by buying the PHAT art and spreading the link far and wide, anyone interested in the new culture should pay attention as doktor J is on the cusp. hands down the dope ever inspired expansively evolved ."

~ delvin solkinson, elphinstone,

Jacqueline Chia

Jacqueline is a lady living in Singapore who lives her life and vision the best way she can. She plays the trombone and writes songs for various people to sing. In her free time Jacqueline likes to read, tend to her growing herb garden and play music.
To contact Jacqueline, please email
castallack@yahoo.com at your own risk. Jacqueline takes absolutely no responsibility whatsoever.

www.geocities.com/castallack/ and www.shunia.livejournal.com

Anthony Max

Tony Max is a creator. He interprets the world through waking dreams and breathes life to a bizarre fantasy world that lives within our language, our archetypes and legends. From canvas to skin, he dreams with his eyes wide open. He does his best to keep up his painting-a-day blog at hexremoval.blogspot.com and in his spare time studies folklore and ancient history.

Stephen Fitz-Gerald

to give people access to more of my work…


Jamie McHugh

is a performance artist, somatic teacher and photographer. He has been teaching movement-based work for over twenty-five years, and is on faculty at John F Kennedy University and at Tamalpa Institute in the Bay Area.
Jamie is also a fine art photographer, creating large-format images for public spaces.

http://www.naturebeingart.org/ http://www.somaticexpression.com/

David Price

Thunder Moon" is based on an actual vision I had.

hybryds - Sandy Viktor Nys


Susan Woodward

Depth" is from my poetry collection, Beau Fleuve.

Eva Makkos

Eva is an art therapist and visionary artist living in Berlin, Germany. One of her main external sources of inspiration is the ocean whereas the pieces presented here deal in particular with diving into subconscious worlds.
For more information and other artwork:



Jean C. Fisher

is a Pisces Water-Snake with a Capricorn Moon, Sagittarius Ascendant and Mars, Venus and Mercury all in Aries. She is a third-generation astrologer, a Tarot reader for over 35 years and resides in her native Northern California with her husband, daughter and black kitty-amigo. Her true-life stories have been published in several anthologies on the paranormal and her other work has appeared in such publications as The California Academy of Sciences' California Wild, GreenPrints, Birds & Blooms, among others.

Jean can be contacted via email at:

Jude Cowell

Lifelong artist, Jude Cowell, currently works primarily in oil and watercolor pencil on paper. This Georgia native's drawings may be viewed online at Cosmic Persona Designs Art Gallery, and at Dreamyfish Art, where postcards and limited edition prints are available upon request. Cosmic Persona Designs is a collection of archetypal feminine images, cosmic-visionary art (some from an earlier series, Children's World), children's art, and more. An astrological influence is apparent, for Jude has been a serious astrology novice for 10 years, and is writer and publisher of the Political Astrology blog, Stars Over Washington. Dreamyfish Art is a gallery of Saturn's realism--botanically-drawn tropical fish portraits--blended with Neptune's watery, illusory qualities--a combination which neatly describes the artist's natal Sun Capricorn-Moon Pisces personality. Fish dream, too, and here you may have a sneak peek into their most favorite and secret dream locations undersea at Dreamyfish Art. Several moons ago, Jude was an art student at Atlanta School of Art (now College of Art) on Peachtree Street, and even now you may detect a Fashion Illustration, Layout, and Design influence in her work, especially in the Cosmic Persona Designs collection. You never know what might show up at Cosmic Persona, but you are cordially invited to stop by when you can...and remember that fish dream, too!
For queries, to offer feedback, or for ordering details, email artist at:
judecowell@gmail.com or dreamyfishart@earthlink.net

Wishing Peace, Love, and Art to All,
Jude Cowell

http://cosmicpersonadesigns.blogspot.com/, http://dreamyfishart.blogspot.com/, http://secretmoonart.blogspot.com/, http://limslimericks.blogspot.com/, and http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/

David Jones

“hi says i...it's me says he...the heretic of rhetoric and the ungrateful shtick stuck in the mud of humanity's vanity...am i a witch or a which...? I am ashamed of these works of art...still i link letters so that art may be garbled funky...i am heretic...also miso, ultra low frequency and child of doubt...but you can call me david...just don't call me late to dinner or lie me in a bed with cold sheets… "

Djones 2000

David Lee Jones
16214 S.E. 256th Pl.
Covington, WA. 98042


phone: 253-277-2516

and if people want to see my work, they could come see me perform at the little red studio

Aaron Staengl

I grew up in the mountains of Virginia.I have always loved to draw and paint other worldly things. The mysteries behind the mystery. In childhood I was inspired by many lucid dreams, sci-fi, fantasy,and the effulgence of nature. Now I am inspired by deep feelings unfolding from the core of my being. I have been to India, Nepal,Singapore, Jamaica. I enjoy painting people and things from other cultures. I've been in New Mexico for the past few years studying Ayurveda and Tibetan painting. Thank's for checking out my pictures.

Kala Snowflower

Pure Joy is the title of a recent book of poems and this best describes the state of being I have been living in as I explore a life of close community living, open hearted loving and getting in stronger touch with the core of my strength, my beauty and my compassion. I am a Reiki teacher and practitioner and find that my work as a healer and poet flow from the same source and inform one another to create a strong and flowing practice of staying in touch with my feelings, the feelings of others and the energy of the earth, sky and cosmos. I am currently working on three new books of poems and a book of prose poems. I feel my creativity flowing strong and sure these days. I am so grateful to be able to continue and deepen my understanding of life and love through my Art and artful living. I have started my next phase of living and loving which is reflected in the poem I share here which will appear in my book Skeleton Woman. You can reach me at kala@happyvalleyreiki.com.

Michael Dickel

Michael Dickel is a poet and photographer with degrees in psychology, creative writing, and English literature from the University of Minnesota. He taught writing at various U.S. colleges and Universities for nearly 20 years, and now teaches at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dickel’s prize-winning poetry has appeared in small-press literary journals, anthologies, art books, and online for over twenty years. Most recently, two of his poems received recognition through the international Reuben Rose Poetry Competition.

The World Behind It, Chaos, his poetry and art book, will be available from why vandalism? literary and arts journal and e-book publisher (scheduled for March 2009:
http://www.whyvandalism.com). In this free, online e-book, Michael Dickel’s poems combine with his photography and digital art to explore chaos, mystery, life, love, and nature.

The image and poem that are both titled "Return of the Sea" are from The World Behind It, Chaos.


Alkistis Wechsler

Blessed with the hued colors in my sundranked mind ...
The Mediterranean part of Atlantic in the Catalonia spot, at the edge of Spain next to France, has been the mirror of my Soul in the hot August of 2008. The erotic symbol has brought together in this painting, through my subconscious,the Lilly flower, pussycat Ceciliaand the mediterranean female figure. She who came from the sea, dressed like a fish; she who returns in the waves in all her naked innocence. No wonder this Mediterranean coast has attracted ancient and modern adventurers from Hellas and has an overwhelming tradition of Goddesses cult.
The Mediterranean sun in Catalonia, in the hot summer days, generated this archetypal composition.
Orange, golden yellow, acidic green, in a fraction of a spiral movement, are forming the triumphant parade of vigorous leaves and tender flowers. At the centre of it, the Sun Goddess; an erotic girl of Catalonia, like no one has seen her yet with bare eyes.
Her veils, her hair-band and her dress have taken on the quintessence of the surrounding.
Nature, in on going transformation. A crystal-clear transparency, a golden shine and the galloping waves of creative and pro-creating energy are embroidered on her sacred cloth.
The Goddess, born from the waves, now manifested on the (pebbly) ground of Spanish Catalonia, a few metres away from the general quarters of Master Magician Salvador Dali, has her mirrored Image returning in the Element of Water, while she is transformed, with every step, into an even younger being, until she is One with the Elements.
Catalonia is a magic geographical point, extending on both sides of political administration, into
the Spanish and the French nation. Catalonia has a long chain of mother Goddess cults, of Sun goddess,
And the continuation into the era of Magdalenna, supposedly wife of the Christian Messiah;
Messanger of Light ...
On this piece of our Earth, innate strength is awakened into the magic of goodness, of light, of
loving warmth ...
The deep blue, the grey shadows have been overplayed by the Chariot of Fire!
But, how could we conceive the opposite qualities without darkness and cold? There could not be a proper composition ...


Gabe Marquez

The artwork of Gabe Marquez stems from a fascination for the other-wordly creatures and objects within his imagination. The architecture of these creatures is deeply rooted in symbology and color. External influences include astronomy, nature, sci-fi movies, design, architecture and literature.

The work for EV 14, entitled Aquaphobia 10, is dedicated to a fellow artist and one of my best friends, Sylvester Washington...who recently passed away


Terra Wolfe

What I love about poetry is that it lets you step outside of the situation and see what is happening in a whole new way. It lets you involve the senses and the emotions and use them as a painter would color and light and shadow. It's the words that do this and they do it by bringing along all of the reader's connotations. So it would be different for every reader to see the same words.

I spent quite awhile studying this; I had some wonderful teachers who showed me new things about words. My background in graphic design helped a lot visually. But like all art, poetry gives one that new perspective.

More recently, my journey into the spiritual and the pagan ceremonies has led me to see how life can be a sacred ceremony.

And then there are the words. Like paint to an artist. You can really mess with them. Messing with the media can give us lovely results.


Beric Henderson

is a surrealist artist based in Sydney, Australia, whose works frequently use juxtaposition of light and shadow to achieve atmosphere and ambiguity in his compositions. His work has been exhibited regularly since 2002 and published in several magazines and books in Australia and the US. His ongoing artwork explores the personal meanings in life and progressively more the hereafter.

Contact info: email
bhenderson@berichenderson.com and visit http://www.berichenderson.com/

David Harrington

I currently reside in Portland, Oregon with my wife Dawn and two sons. I have lived here for nearly twenty years now, but am originally from the East Coast.

The piece here is from my collection of short, spiritually-charged allegories written over a twenty year period. These stories are rich with symbolism and strong characterization, but are both figurative and literal.


Martin Herbert

is a member of the Society for Art of the Imagination and a founder member of the British Visionary Artists Group. He paints in both traditional and digital media. His mission and vision are to capture the moment of the soul that says "I am free!" His current series of paintings 'City of Angels' is just starting to escape from his head and slouch towards the canvas to be born.

"Protection" is the first part of a triptych - "Once More I Go Forth", documenting the recovery of a friend from mental and physical breakdown.

More work can be seen at
http://www.spiritvisions.com/ and www.spiritvisions.com/abstract
as well as various other places on the web. Prints of some of his organic abstract work, on canvas and perspex block, can be had from www.thecanvaslounge.co.uk. Real world purchases can be made from the Julian Jardine Gallery, Perth, Scotland; Obsidian Art, Stoke Mandeville, England, and 'Venus' in the Glastonbury Experience Courtyard, Glastonbury, Somerset, England.

Laurie Corzett/libramoon

seeking outlet for those crazy thoughtstreams, is always moving into new (or resurrected) projects, including Emerging Visions, visionary art ezine, Seers and Seekers Yahoo Group; The Healing Dance Network Yahoo Group; Visionary Arts and Minds Tribe; anthologies of her writings; an experimental novel, working title: Something Sacred; a (envisioned as) graphic novel (anyone want to do the graphics?), Acts of Desolation: http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.jsp?articleId=281474977172809as well as her Flash Utopian Fiction Project: series of flash fiction pieces around a federation of diverse villages each working out their methods of community life -- little dramatic impacts illustrating creative solutions to social problems: http://tribes.tribe.net/uff?_click_path=Application%5Btribe%5D.Tribe%5B2560c7d6-7ee1-4d43-a34d-e0638d356e6a%5D.

check out my book: Words from the Sky: http://www.lulu.com/libramoon ; then, there's lunar ramblings http://lunaramble.blogspot.com
email: libramoon42@mindspring.com

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