All of the work (and believe me, it is work) presented here is the property of the individual artists. All of their rights are reserved. So, no lifting without permission. Contact information can probably be found on the contributors' pages. If not, check with me to contact anyone whose work you wish to use: libramoon42@mindspring.com

M. David Woodall

David is hiring on with a branch of the Department of Defense and is eager to get started though his experience is limited. He looks forward to sharing years of wisdom with his growing daughter, Arden Solana. At http://people.tribe.net/ardensdad his blog looks out upon the online realm.

Jonathan Machen

b. 1964 and currently living in Boulder, Colorado, is a landscape artist who has sketched the natural contours of the American southwest as well as those of distant continents for over 25 years. Recently he has begun to apply his eye towards photography, which combined with a love of poetry, has resulted in the on-line haiku journal at www.haikutimes.com. The Haikutimes site also houses the archive of his pen-and-ink drawings as well as murals and paintings. He is selling his work at www.jonathanmachen.com. His day job is facility manager at 302 Pearl St. Studios in Boulder, www.302pearl.com (Jonathan also designed the websites for all of these sites, so, truth be told, he also has a love of computers, and the power of technology to share his artistic vision).

Greg Edwards

I am happy to present what I find meaningful in our aesthetic community. Art is a touchstone and sign post giving way to growth and hope when Sharing truths of self. I believe that our livelihood and longevity may depend on it. Art is the illusion to transcend illusion "Liberate the Artist" Fractured Atlas has Fiscally Sponsored my project "Catalysts of the Psyche" To read my statement Please Go To: https://www.fracturedatlas.org/site/fiscal/?do=browse_projects&category=Visual%20Arts&letter=c#534 Art Publications for 2006: "The Garden of Three Suns," "Star Light Curves," and "The Lost Sunset" with bio info and Iconography has been Published and Released in Art Book "Unseen Worlds--A Virtual Journey", India '06 for new world envisionings. Honors and Publications in 2006: National Poetry Month: "Gregory Edwards has been nominated as a 2006 Poetry Ambassador!" by Edward Moffet III. Charman ILP/ National Poetry Month Committee 1. The Editoral Advisory Board of "The International Society of Poets" HAS NOMINATED me [set for this July in Las Vegas, Nevada] into the "Internatinal Society of Poets" with major opportunities AND an inertia for exposure world wide! 2. "Once again, I am delighted to inform you of your nomination to have your achademic biography published in the 2nd Annual Edition of 'The Chancellor's List' 2005-2006....you have made it to the top rung of the academic ladder." A Student Referral Service, (SRS) will conjunct the scholarship application. Note: FINAllY, I WILL/[now delayed indefinately] COMPLETE THE LAST 12 SEMESTER HOURS TO GET A B.S. IN SOCIOLOGY FROM ASU. 3. Honored with the inclusion of biography in the 28th Annual Edition of "The National Dean's List" Nominations: 1. Silver Cup; Gregory Steven Edwards 2005 Poet of the Year Medallian; International Society of Poets, "Poet of the Year for 2004" and ...2003" The Best Poems and Poets for 2005 Awards: International Library of Poetry, "Editor's Choice Award" 2003, 2004, 2004 ,2005, 2006 Poetry Publications for 2006 1. "Enmeshment Reflections" and "Slipping Tripping" 2006, published, League of American Poets: A Treasury of American Poetry III. 2. "Pop Cell Sleepers" 2006, published, Noble House: Songs of Honor. 3. Unwritten poem accepted for publication by the International Library of Poetry, 2006. NYC Gallery Goals for 2006-2007 1. "I am pleased to inform you that your work qualifies for Agora Gallery representatin. With respect to the work, I particularly favor the "Resonate Rifts" body of the digital images, although all the work communicates the pathway to spiritual awakening and transcendence..." Agora 2. Nominated for the Sixth Annual International Biennale of Contemporary Art, 2007. Arte Studio, Florenze, Italy With a white shadow rainbow the old shades subtracted a new way to know has reflected to show us! Still in the "eye of the beholder" end eye boulders grow older and then letting go, pain leads to the window holder going with the KEY to UNGRASP the shoulder boulder. I want many specks in my folder before I gain not and grow older! And let knowledge flow seemingly slow in becoming and see sight and so as your own light becoming!!! Open two freed and one two times more, like a name one thing breeds. Let us rise above those of wish want why and my ways with seeds sowing with the stones growing? Like my mini-me clearly I see like last with no breeds in traditional ME needs. As it dictates into hollow point leads victors survive beyond bi-directional wording feeds...ever all about, and how undefined is modes of art, and mostly intension: As important toward the enrichment of our self-efficacy, as it ever was, laughing but still lifted. Seeking meaning through the ambiguous world of art visuals relates to archetypal psyche-set wiring; and is, for me, a path to remembrance, the things implanted in I Am Inclusive at the dawn of time. When creating art or writing in spontaneous modes, I find my mind baffled into back stage silence setting many left hands free to channel subconscious eggs in SUPER Rollover remittance. I try hard to dig deep and present shamelessly what I would not now choose to hold back, in any way! To loose face in my art style would be to navigate into fear already known to have no reality extraneous to our imaginative creating. In Earth Land, to delight many through a projective visual gateway portals constructed with an ever rising "ing" like rings on rungs singing, like notes with winded words thundering form from the depths unique to each and thus tangible to all like when you realize each has within them their own riddle to reach. Using nature modes flowing throughout all media. I instead strive to live life in word seers voices without an "s" into the projective levels of context and rents every veil of forgetfulness...one bite at a time! Such is found in dreaming meaning as an ever higher resource ever filling as overflowing with contents incubated seer keys freeing gifts that we could not not have ever waiting: Now is the time to awaken in a world without end, so be so be...now I think I can see why there is so many in We. Through poetry and visuals I am freer and more WE-er! Could I ever wish for more as a mode toward meaning in the setting free of natures voice ever dreaming through a single hand dreaming more than my me alone? With cubic words resurrected, I speak THUNDERING FRUITIONS from the Key Resurrection Tower ABOVE the Dividing Station! I am either everywhere or now here. The ambiguous world of visual contemporary art beckons us all to make better sense out of our experiences and encourages us to come to present time; Every there and then mentality will fall short! This is a great opportunity to share many good things about how art is an important conductor fully worthy as a healthy cross-cultural link for potentially enriching self-efficacy throughout every demographic rung, without semantic toxins. Seeking meaning in the out of the ambiguous world of art and poetry relates profoundly to commonalities stored in the deepest cognitive recesses of humanity long overdue in our necessity NOW for Global Harmony...now:) It is absolutely targeted within every sleeping resonance as everyones rebirth as Our WE; and for me, a path to reinstate an all-inclusive equality nurturing honesty, acceptance, and respect! Darkness shining not into the light WITH FIRM CONVICTION IN THIS TRUTH instantly disempowers ill-willed ego-based drives in positions of Egocentric Power Thrusting and paranoia ploys to justify Exclusive demortification On every global members toes! The concept of natural freedom from "sea to shining sea" makes the next higher rung <<>> as a perfect all-inclusive circle. I have a right to be me and in this mode I see divinity as the double-edged sword teaching to reach and revealing dead letter delusions shaped by mans "Inkblot" envisioning, projections and division. This Land is OURS, NOT THE THREE PERCENT ELITE! THOSE MISLED ALPHABET DEAD LETTER ZONES WITH MICROPHONES ARE ANTI AMERICAN AND NOT FIT TO BE ON THIS PLANET AS IS! Of myself I am nothing but the rebringing plan, or perfect in all ness by the present pleasant presence, is all about AND that we cannot not be! Thus WE ARE only with winged words. Outlines to a perfect resurrection like wheat all about grown and woven in super forms of a crown with many colors for your you in collective infusions to rerail TRUE top walking in every shining eye seeing self in appreciable othernes; like a loosened self in truth and in Light; to be THIS NOW will be when seeing is the innate things implanted in every soul AWAKENED until the dawn of time is transparent and shown clearly. Thank you for reading...YOU are blessed Very Dearly! Spiritual and creative ventures have led me to ponder portals that may be availed through stimulated imagination... ...like stepping into perfect justice, into such a wonderland, that upon looking back through whatever may be residually unresolved, choices are made to try and try again. Purpose and meaning, only then seen clearly, orchestrates our good day / sad day venture...in a "just" mode of continious trying. Self is the universe expressing through life, the rose the thorn, the smile the tear, the crest the trough, the ebb the flow, the left and the right? I seek the paradoxical rhythms that give birth to the curious embodiments here, in our global village, ever-beckoning us "to love, learn, and to remember." Through the creative process we are all divinely endowed within, to each their own schema for wholeness. Through the present norms, we often seek outside self for illusive fulfillment in opposites, like male and female, birth and death. The source of inspirations are in the fruitions of experience, the gifts of our spirits, and in the 'remembrance' that accompanies the new day dawning--of which many agents comprise. I am so touched through the drama, pain, and passion of life that I am thankful to realize many heartstrings in some resonance...as many things come to pass. Our perfect reflection is all that we are, all that we do, and all that we touch. The door begins to open once again, more fully, evermore inviting...coming, the collective calm, calling, coming forth, now! in unprecedented mass. ...no lack, no want, no fear...no nothing but our predisposition to escape the loneliness of our pseudo separation. Psychological projections into ambiguous environments come in many forms and on many levels. A visual vacuum in the window of the projective mind incubates meaning whenever associations are triggered in any attempt to lable what is experienced--like looking to where the finger is pointing, not the hand. Gentle people, authors of unique fates in and for our highest global destiny: Reborn is our great planet, now, ever-newly made manifest, if only for a moment, yet every moment! With intuitive and emotional freedom as our endowment, and with lifted eyes, let us glance toward the heavens in first hand awe, for just this moment. We are all global members of immeasurable stature as the "why" dies and resonant answers to the how and what make clear prevailing paths to where we have always been: from the image of to the image as! It is no jot nor tiddle to go from me to we where everyone is availed a common faith. How can we not not be? To me that is impossible. We will continue to be after the shell of this embodiment turns once again back into the dust...as the One becomes many, the many One. To walk upright fully reflecting what I dream jested is the golden endowment "to escape loneliness through seeking connectivity with appreciable otherness." This potential inertia wishes on high to respond to our every virtue of honor, voice, and passion, in every availed path of least resistance! The veil has been rent, the seals broken. The sounds, the colors, the bliss, vision, and the totality of all and more, in one high sense of Beingness orchestrates destiny by playing the kindest songs to our fates to help us remember where we have always been. The destiny premanifest playfully orchestrates dualistic strings ever about in all why ways, and is endless because our minds are ever so uniquely wired to make sense out of the world, to find meaning in our experience, even the sense of nonsense, of which I myself know well!!! Yet I know this! Is not any sense better than nonsense? Ah! Not a question of Why! What is nonsense? Is it not an act of not being able to see around the contagions of eye specks and boulders of which we have constricted and grasped in the name of vanity, fear and lack? What is one to do to stretch the other brother otherness zones, and ultimately embrace the highest envisioning and interest in every moment? Was it not near forgotten save beauty, inspiration and healing through sharing our aesthetic and humanitarian values? These are our rightly endowed gifts to utilize in awakening all that is, was, and shall ever be. In states overlooking the human dilemma, if only for a moment, I know in my heart that which has been stirred into activity, secondary to voices within some collective platform, some resonance. All that we experience, whether consciously manifested or unconsciously manifested is in direct accordance with our consciousness. I am a believer in what I accept as universal law: "As above, so below!" As the water overflows, the beckoning light delivers us to our sacred center, back into the garden, where we have truly always been, where we could not not be, we had only forgotten...and our opening hearts:) This voice says WE can now now be, and that is enough, yet already is, open fully, coming forth, yet again and again, now after now, moment merged into moment, the here of now, now here. Wind like gathered gravities enters many doors to leave the Last Stone Turning and none to ignore. Just never ask me Why? Except through this passion to reflect something higher than me alone and to free it, ever-reflecting it through and to appreciable otherness, I have no meaning!!!

Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson

An internationally published award-winning poet, Rebecca Guile Hudson spent her first seventeen years in a violent household, where she experienced severe mental, physical and sexual abuse. In 1998, she started therapy for intense PTSD and a dissociative disorder, which helped save her life and open the doors to her creative voices.
In addition to singing with the Albuquerque Symphony Adult Choir, Ms. Hudson is a certified peer counselor for the mentally ill a paraprofessional crisis/suicide line volunteer and a hypnotherapist. She is also on the editorial advisory board of the Taj Mahal Review.
She and her husband of twenty-seven years, John, live in Los Lunas, New Mexico. They have three children, four grandchildren, four cats and three dogs. Here's the link to my book, "Out of Cullen Street (A House of Madness)" available on-line:
http://www.redleadbooks.com/msreguhu.html I am always contactable via my email address, weallr1soul@yahoo.com If people do a Google search on my name, "Rebecca Guile Hudson", all KINDS of links will show up!

Jim Cox

I'm self-taught in both the mediums of painting and writing, and have been painting people since 1960, but finally branched
out in my portraiture to include buildings with interesting architecture, paintings of the skies with unique lighting and cloud formations, and some abstract experimentation with movement and color. Ive won many awards at painting, and some at poetry, but prefer to let the work speak for itself.

More of my work may be seen at my blog "Jim's imaginations" (http://www.jimcee2005.blogspot.com/) I encourage you to go there and leave a comment if you like what you see. (Comments and questions about the work are fine, and should be sent to me at jacx1938@yahoo.com) I do have two sizes of mounted canvas giclee prints for sale of the "Gunslinger" at the blog. They are beautiful but inexpensive. More prints of various subjects will be available soon.

Patrick Delorme

Hello. I am the french visionary and spiritual artist Patrick Delorme you can see my paintings at http://lorme.club.fr/tableauxart.htm I was born in Marseille in the south from France in 1955. In my childhood I was a very sensitive kid and dreamer, very creative also, the school did not interest me at all, I prefered to draw while dreaming. As of my adolescence, I was attracted by the invisible and spiritual worlds. I started to study astrology as an autodidact then I made training courses of Humane Astrology, and Karma astrology, subject which I always practice. During the same time, I took part of a spiritual group for 5 years, we were in contact with spiritual guides which gave us a teachings with Chaneling. I learned much at that time. My perceptions increased, I could see some colors of some person's aura, I felt energies which crossed me and guided my hands when I did a magnetic work for a person. I had many telepathic experiences, and a vision which marked me during many years and which was the engine to start painting: the vision of a androgyne, with a very high forehead and immenses blue eyes which seemed to speak to me by telepathy. I started to paint in my thirties and soon I did'nt do anything else. The second year I made about 300 paints.When I was a child I just had to look at spots on the wall or the ground to see characters appearing, characters, forests, scenes of the life. I learned later that Léonard de Vinci, Matta, Max Ernst had also this ability, like also have many young children. Now I have just to put myself in front of my canvas, for it to occur. I never raise the question about what I will do. I simply put myself to paint as did the surrealist ones, I pose colors, without thinking too much of my gestures nor forms, I take my colors and I pose them where I feel to. Very quickly, I compose the paint progressively, according to the various visions which appear to me. I let myself guide by my inspiration of the moment, the colors, the forms which I perceive. The composition is done gradually, I remove, I erase, I scrape, I wipe, I cover, I add colors, I erase others, and the composition is built. Sometimes I leave the initial forms, simply outlined, sometimes I refine my forms so they are perceived more concretely. I still do not understand how it really happens because it all goes very quickly and almost without my knowledge. I create like a dream, all is guided and gives me a multitude of visions, an action almost inconscient, a secondary state guided by harmony of colors and forms. The topic and subject are imposed to me, it gently seems to come out of nothing. I distinguish from the vague forms emerging progressively. There is undoubtedly an outward journey return between what is outlined on the paint and what my unconscious perceives, by the assertion of the vision that I could foresee of the performance. I often ask myself the question: am I to be inspired or medium? Various médiums have told me that I was guided, by beings of beyond. One thing is certain, I do not make automatic painting because my hands are not taken by a force that I would not be able to control, although the process occurs when I work magnetic energies on a person, because then, my hands are carried as by magnets and make volutes that I do not control. However I was able to note that as soon as I put myself in a state of receptivity to paint or draw, I put myself in Alpha waves. I made the experiment : I was connected to electrodes and connected to a computer which traced alpha waves while I was creating. My painting is visionary because it refers to spiritual and esoteric field in which I have been bathed for more than twenty years " movement New Age ", esoteric and spiritual which rocked my life. In this time I was called visionary, but I did not know that this current existed, because owing to the fact that my painting came out of my visions I thought that visionary would be a good way of qualifying my painting. In my paintings you will find biblical & ancient references which shows the immortality of the soul, visions of the next world, visions of the past, present & future. I noticed that my painting were addressed to the unconsciousness and even with supra-consciousness of people who look at it. Some are transported, other disturbed. I think that comes owing to the fact that I paint in Alpha. I collect vibratory and spiritual levels which are re-registered on my paint. These vibrations are addressed to the unconscious part of the brain of who looks at, it's as it has there a telepathic current between the vibrations emitted by my paint, thanks to the colors and the symbols, prototypes coming from the unconscious collective and from inconscient of who looks at. One may consider me as an abstracted visionary, because often my paints are just suggested and evoked by the invisible and spiritual worlds. From the testimony of many mediums, a great number of my visions were perceived by them when they came out of their bodies ( OBE )during their travel in the astral, and they all remarked that what I painted was similar to the perceptions they had seen beyond during their voyages... Many have told me that I was a mediator, and that I paint the past as well as present and future, also realities of the ‘ beyond’ and that my paintings were to be used to give visual and vibratory images of new times, " time scale of Aquarius ". Some médiums did also said to me that I had the faculty to collect and retranscribe in my paints, the advance of each one. Other affirmed me that my painting was a vibration which could also have an impact on a cure level. Let us hope that my painting can be pilot and will carry a “ word ‘ in this new century of spiritual revival. By hoping that this new age offers more respect and love on this earth, and re-balances our evil materialist world in spirituality.

Kala Snowflower (Michele Neve)

The faeries call me Kala Snowflower. For I walk the Earth, sing on Air, dance with Fire and breathe the Water. I am healer, poet, farmer, teacher, lover, child and tree. I am Love and Love is me.

doktor J?

Find me in Mt. Elfinstone, British Columbia. As an organik transformer, creating art, and transforming bad energy into good is my purpose in life. I love to love, I try to fly I have followed my intuition right to this very point . and i'm never turning back. I have seen it all, with closed eyelids and a grin on my face. I have remixed my own religion, and untwisted the brainwash deep within my mind. Once again, I am reborn, and aware of the matrix ever changing around me. Infinite Love, is from which I am born, lucidly manifesting my own magickally divine dreamzZz...Namaste, doktor J. www.doktorj.ca

Sha'Tara EarthStar

Ahhhh... the bio thing. I dread those. Usually I prefer to let the "work" speak for itself.

Laurie Corzett

is seeking collaboration for her Flash Utopian Fiction Project: series of flash fiction pieces around a federation of diverse villages each working out their methods of community life -- little dramatic impacts illustrating creative solutions to social problems. Got ideas?

libramoon’s observatory (blog) libramoon42@mindspring.com

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