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All of the work (and believe me, it is work) presented here is the property of the individual artists. All of their rights are reserved. So, no lifting without permission. Contact information can probably be found on the contributors' pages. If not, check with me to contact anyone whose work you wish to use: libramoon42@mindspring.com

Jorge Myztico Campo

or "Tico" as his friends call him was born on the revolutionary island of Cuba. His Parents fled Cuba when he was less than a year old to escape Castro's dictatorship and moved to New York City. Tico was raised in the Heart of Times Square, formerly known as Hell's Kitchen or more recently as the Theatre District. His interest in the arts began at the age of 5, primarily inspired by his Father, Reinaldo's light hearted drawings of cowboys, indians & assorted NYC characters. Fascinated by how lines formed images he followed his father's lead. Spending hours with coloring books, drawing dinosaurs, skeletons & odd creations, as well as being influenced at this young age by the animated art of Max Fleischer & the Looney Tunes cartoons. He is a self taught artist, musician, filmmaker, writer & photographer. To find out more about Myztico and to see an extensive collection of his art and music please visit his website at: http://myztico.mosaicglobe.com
email address:

Jude Cowell

Lifelong artist, Jude Cowell, currently works primarily in oil and watercolor pencil on paper. This Georgia native's drawings may be viewed online at Cosmic Persona Designs Art Gallery, and at Dreamyfish Art, where postcards and limited edition prints are available upon request. Cosmic Persona Designs is a collection of archetypal feminine images, cosmic-visionary art (some from an earlier series, Children's World), children's art, and more. An astrological influence is apparent, for Jude has been a serious astrology novice for 10 years, and is writer and publisher of the Political Astrology blog, Stars Over Washington. Dreamyfish Art is a gallery of Saturn's realism--botanically-drawn tropical fish portraits--blended with Neptune's watery, illusory qualities--a combination which neatly describes the artist's natal Sun Capricorn-Moon Pisces personality. Fish dream, too, and here you may have a sneak peek into their most favorite and secret dream locations undersea at Dreamyfish Art. Several moons ago, Jude was an art student at Atlanta School of Art (now College of Art) on Peachtree Street, and even now you may detect a Fashion Illustration, Layout, and Design influence in her work, especially in the Cosmic Persona Designs collection. You never know what might show up at Cosmic Persona, but you are cordially invited to stop by when you can...and remember that fish dream, too!
For queries, to offer feedback, or for ordering details, email artist at: cosmicpersonadesigns@earthlink.net or dreamyfishart@earthlink.net

Wishing Peace, Love, and Art to All,
Jude Cowell
http://cosmicpersonadesigns.blogspot.com/, http://dreamyfishart.blogspot.com/, http://secretmoonart.blogspot.com, http://judecowell.blog.com,
http://limslimericks.blogspot.com, and http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/


Born 1953, Liverpool. Have worked as a librarian, peanut butter processor, dishwasher and dogsbody in too many hotels to mention. Also an artist - have contributed many black and white third world studies to numerous journals globally, often affiliated with Ananda Marga Yoga society for whom I've done voluntary work in S.E. Asia, including mural painting and work in various social projects. Also worked as a volunteer at a large orphanage in Thailand. Currently making and hand-painting jewelry/ craft boxes displaying fairies, dragons, Winnie the Pooh. Working off and on at a few appalling fantasy novels. Occasionally make dolls houses, castles and rocking horses... A regular contributor to a number of poetry websites.

Stevon Lucero

About Myself...

I have been painting for three decades. Since my childhood, I have experienced live visions, vision dreams, dreams of other worlds and separate realities. Through these revelations of the metaphysical, I have been guided to create the unique art form I call "Metarealism". This is how I describe it: "Metarealism is the externalization of interior realities which are transformed into visual mystic metaphors. I use the process of the philosophic state of polar synthesis. My paintings are neither reflections of the conscious, as in realism, nor the subconscious, as in surrealism. They are instead a visual synthesis, symbolizing the spiritual continuum to which they owe their existence and which lies at the center of their being. (All being, for that matter!) Their being is therefore the personification of thought realities. Thought Forms ... as it were.

Description: What is it that motivates a man to renounce the world and become a monk? The square window which lets us see the body of the monk means his isolation is an intellectual construct. The two yellow bars represent the law of duality which rules the material world. The walls of his "cube" is the universe itself and as parts of his body penetrate through these walls, he discovers his Spirit Body. Transcendence becomes the motivation of our "Monk".

Terra Wolfe

What I love about poetry is that it lets you step outside of the situation and see what is happening in a whole new way. It lets you involve the senses and the emotions and use them as a painter would color and light and shadow. It's the words that do this and they do it by bringing along all of the reader's connotations. So it would be different for every reader to see the same words.

I spent quite awhile studying this; I had some wonderful teachers who showed me new things about words. My background in graphic design helped a lot visually. But like all art, poetry gives one that new perspective.

More recently, my journey into the spiritual and the pagan ceremonies has led me to see how life can be a sacred ceremony.

And then there are the words. Like paint to an artist. You can really mess with them. Messing with the media can give us lovely results.


Laurie Corzett/libramoon

is seeking collaboration for her Flash Utopian Fiction Project: series of flash fiction pieces around a federation of diverse villages each working out their methods of community life -- little dramatic impacts illustrating creative solutions to social problems. Got ideas?

The "Ritual" poem and "Coming to the Light" are included in Words from the Sky http://www.lulu.com/libramoon
where you can also find
libramoon's observatory (blog)

Kala Snowflower (Michele Neve)

I'm very excited to have just finished my latest book of poems, Snakebite, and currently am planning an e format release of it. A new book of devotional poems is in the works, so far entitled, Adore. In addition to keeping the flow of poetry alive year after wheel of the year, I am now taking my studies of herbal medicine to the next level by growing herbs and preparing my own medicines. Last year I received my third Reiki attunement and I have recently began teaching classes in Reiki and passing attunements. I am enjoying this work immensely and learning so much in the process. My work as a healer and my work as a poet flow from the same source. And I am grateful to be able to continue and deepen my understanding of life and love through my Art and artful living. You can reach me at kalaalak@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you about my poetry, the healing arts or to share in awe over the Beauty of this sweet Earth.

Greg Edwards

I am happy to present what I find meaningful in our aesthetic community. Art is a touchstone and sign post giving way to growth and hope when Sharing truths of self. I believe that our livelihood and longevity may depend on it. Art is the illusion to transcend illusion "Liberate the Artist" Fractured Atlas has Fiscally Sponsored my project "Catalysts of the Psyche" To read my statement Please Go To: https://www.fracturedatlas.org/site/fiscal/?do=browse_projects&category=Visual%20Arts&letter=c#534 Art Publications for 2006: "The Garden of Three Suns," "Star Light Curves," and "The Lost Sunset" with bio info and Iconography has been Published and Released in Art Book "Unseen Worlds--A Virtual Journey", India '06 for new world envisionings. Poetry Publications for 2006 1. "Enmeshment Reflections" and "Slipping Tripping" 2006, published, League of American Poets: A Treasury of American Poetry III. 2. "Pop Cell Sleepers" 2006, published, Noble House: Songs of Honor. 3. Unwritten poem accepted for publication by the International Library of Poetry, 2006. NYC Gallery Goals for 2006-2007 1. "I am pleased to inform you that your work qualifies for Agora Gallery representation. With respect to the work, I particularly favor the "Resonate Rifts" body of the digital images, although all the work communicates the pathway to spiritual awakening and transcendence..." Agora 2. Nominated for the Sixth Annual International biennial of Contemporary Art, 2007. Arte Studio, Florenze, Italy. Except through this passion to reflect something higher than me alone and to free it, ever-reflecting it through and to appreciable otherness, I have no meaning!!!

Linda Benninghoff

I translated The Seafarer from Anglo-Saxon; the translation appears at www.electrato.com. I have published 2 chapbooks The Street Where I was a Child and Departures. You can email me at: benningln@aol.com

Antero Alli

Antero Alli is the director of Paratheatrical ReSearch, an esoteric
ritual group based in Berkeley, CA, and the author of "Towards an
Archeology of the Soul" (Vertical Pool, 2003) from which this article
is excerpted. For details: www.paratheatrical.com

Gaelin Meyer

I initially started making art as a means of working through all the baggage that I picked up during my childhood. Art as therapy was a very important part of my healing process. I am self taught, dropped out of high school despite being of above average intelligence, and
managed to walk into a job teaching art at a local primary school at age 19. Anybody who has taught kids (especially within the constraints of post-apartheid South Africa) knows how exhausting it can be. During this time I didn't focus very much on my own work. I
had two little ones of my own, and played with art in my spare time. I also began exploring music. My dad played in a bluegrass band, and I grew up going to gigs with him. Writing music also became a from of therapy. Poetry put to song.

I am now approaching my thirties. In terms of therapy I have worked through (almost) everything on my plate. The deeper issues I address with zen meditation and intuitive energy work. This means that my art is open to the possibility of being a tool for much wider expression. Now I can spend time playing, reflecting the world around me, and
exploring new mediums.

You can see more of my work, and hear some _very_ rough demos of my music at http://heartsong.co.za/gaelin/index.htm ( please note the site is still in progress, I am designing it mysef, and still learning some basic HTML skills :)

Cat Whipple

Cat Whipple is a professional photographer, graphic designer, and artist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her artwork tastes include photography, painting, collage/art-journaling, digital collage, and songwriting. She exhibits her work locally and has been published nationally. She lives with her two cats who collaborate with her on artwork when not napping.
She is the creator of the Self-help Healing Arts Journal that promotes the healing power of art at:

Other artwork of hers can be found at http://www.catwhipple.biz

each piece is based on a quote by American
Indian spiritual leaders of the 19th century
incorporated into the artwork

one is called Trees and the quote for that is:
"I have learned a lot from trees; sometimes
about the weather, sometimes about the
animals, sometimes about the Great Spirit."
- Walking Buffalo

the other is called Milky Way and the quote for that
"I found myself flying past clouds and stars, and
what the white man calls the Milky Way."
- Black Elk

Steven Shorts

I am a muralist from Philadelphia trying to take visionary arts inspiration and aesthetic to public programs. The pieces shown here are: Harbinger 4x6 and Twilight 3x6. oil on canvas



I love to paint each new moon and bring forth visionary art through the Mayan starglyphs along with a few others on tribenet. For the dual-media piece presented here, the painting is under copyright, but the words are given freely to circulate.
You can view my work here:


Elizabeth Barrette

Elizabeth Barrette writes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction in the fields of speculative fiction, gender studies, and alternative spirituality. She is the Managing Editor of PanGaia magazine; she also serves as Dean of Studies for the Grey School of Wizardry, where she teaches a four-part course on composing magical poetry. Recent poetry credits include Beach Climbing in Strange Horizons and In the Season of the Leaves in If...Journal; plus Visions in the Dark of Light as guest installment of Marge Simon's regular column Blood Spades: Poets of the Dark Side in Horror Writers Association Newsletter. She enjoys suspension-of-disbelief bungee-jumping and spelunking in other peoples reality tunnels. Visit her Website at:

Ian Pyper

UK Outsider/Surrealist Artist




Jacqueline is a lady living in Singapore who feels desparate detachment from society and obsessive fanaticism with her friends. She plays the trombone and writes songs for Annika Lindberg to sing because she fell in love with her voice. In her free time Jacqueline likes to get drunk or read.
To contact Jacqueline, please email castallack@yahoo.com at your own risk. Jacqueline takes absolutely no responsibility whatsoever.


Robert Simon

"Drawing is and has been an incredible escape for me throughout most of my life. I do not draw to create some decorative piece to hang on the wall. There is a compulsion which drives this; I have to do it or my world becomes out of balance. When I am drawing, my heart rate slows down and my mind is focused, though not fixated on any specific thought. Thoughts are free-flowing. Though style and form are clearly consistent, it is impossible for me to draw the same image again. I believe that this is because one's mind never returns to the same place - it's like life, always in flux.

People frequently ask me what certain drawings mean. I believe that art evokes thoughts and feelings that are the viewer's own. To dictate what should be interpreted interferes with what the viewer may need most out of the experience. Each person is free to input whatever meaning they wish on my work. However, a common theme played out in much of my work is a constant battle between chaos and order. There is much about my work that at first seems chaotic and confusing, but, upon closer examination, one sees that continually repeating patterns form a larger entity. I see my art as visual jazz of limitless patterns and infinite combinations with no set conventions to follow."

For other examples of Robert Simon's art work, please go to his website at http://www.mindmuses.com. There are links from there to galleries that are showing his art. Robert wants to impart the hope and motivation to others that they might find peace and comfort in uncovering their own artistic expression, which lies within all of us.

Feel free to contact the artist at bsimon49@bellsouth.net .

Craig Blair

Craig Blair received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania . The many places that have displayed his work include the Bowling Green State University Planitarium, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art and the Center of Science and Industry in Toledo. His works can be found in private collections in throughout the United States and in Europe. He was the show coordinator (and participating artist) of the International Surrealist Show 2006 in Spencer, Iowa. He serves as President of the Weston Arts Council.
Craig lives in Northwest Ohio with his wife, Alaire, and his daughter, Briana, where he is in the process of restoring a 100 year old house .
Visit Craig's web site at www.surrealogic.com.

Anna Kaye

Anna is a freelance writer, poet and musician who lives on Auckland's idyllic North Shore. She has self-confessed obsession with water in all its forms and is currently working on a chapbook of poetry, entitled "Wonderment" to be released at Poetry Live in Auckland. Her poems are a juxtaposition of philosophical musings and nostalgic ramblings with a few odd scratchings thrown in for good measure.

Aaron Staengl

I grew up in the mountains of Virginia.I have always loved to draw and paint other worldly things.The mysteries behind the mystery.In childhood I was inspired by many luced dreams,sci-fi,fantasy,and the effulgence of nature.Now I am inspired by deep feelings unfolding from the core of my being.I have been to Indea,Nepal,Singapore,Jamaica.I enjoy painting people and things from other cultures.I've been in New Mexico for the past few years studying Ayurveda and Tibetan painting.Thank's for checking out my pictures.

Tantra Bensko

Surreal art like these is a journey induced through deepening into lower brain wave frequencies, through being the wave more than the particle, by being all things and letting everything dream.

We have different types of dreams, from different sources. Some dreams may be one part of ourselves' interpretations of something else that may actually be occuring in a real way on that astral realm that the other part is inhabiting. We may have a secret life of our dreams, things we are doing on that realm, interacting with other beings who exist on those planes. And we may be interacting with that astral aspect of other people who are dreaming as well. Are we not always dreaming? And perhaps the astral part of us that is always living in the dreamlike associative subconscious that can be reached through meditation, is the more awake and lucid part of us, the part that can fly and see farther.

We may have another life within surreal art, making it, or looking at it, in new settings we have never played in before. But they may echo something that has moved us deeply in some way and let us process it as if in a dream. The image "Figuring It Out" puts the characters in a luscious, organic, visceral, disintegrating, landscape. Part of us longs to speak through the senses, through imagination and stories, playing with the fundamentally accepted concepts of what reality is.

The image, "Third Eye" portrays the yogic ritual methods for reaching the trance state of visions, in the third eye of visionary perception, through balancing the Ida and Pingala, the two astral pathways that criss cross our crystaline spines like vines. As they come to the third eye in an equalized state, through Tantra yoga exercises, for example, which hone the conductivity and electricity of the body, they join the self which operates in the normal, beta brain wave, mind chatter state, and the other self which resides outside of the chronologically, locally, limitedly expressed self. This is the self which knows what's going on behind the scenes. The more we ask it, through art and dreams that speak its language, the more we get to do what I call "Lucid Play."

"The Coming" plays with journeying down below the surface of the self, in the waters of poetic language and washes of feeling in the subconscious. It also brings up questions of who we really are, and who those beings are who interact with us in those astral planes. Is it human? "Human" has been losing its traditional meaning these days as we learn more about our relationship to other entities.
http://Lucidvision.mosaicglobe.com is my Giclee site.
contact flameflower@runbox.com

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