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All of the work (and believe me, it is work) presented here is the property of the individual artists. All of their rights are reserved. So, no lifting without permission. Contact information can probably be found on the contributors' pages. If not, check with me to contact anyone whose work you wish to use: libramoon42@mindspring.com

Claudia Dose

We paint on the walls of our existence the reflections of our being.
You can see most of my paintings on my website: http://www.claudiadose.com
A painter with a passion for color and spirituality.
Read more about it on my blog: http://claudiadose.blogspot.com/

Janice Duke


Janice Duke is a UK-based Freelance Artist, specialising in Illustration. She works confidently in both traditional and digital media.
To contact her email:
jr_anarchist@hotmail.com or janiceduke@janiceduke.com

Laurie Corzett/libramoon

seeking outlet for those crazy thoughtstreams, is always moving into new (or resurrected) projects, including Emerging Visions visionary art 'zine: http://emergingvisions.blogspot.com; Seers and Seekers Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/seerseeker/; The Healing Dance Network Yahoo Group: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/healingdance/; Visionary Arts and Minds Tribe; theme-based chapbooks of her writings; an experimental metafiction, working title: Something Sacred http://caelastory.blogspot.com/; a (envisioned as) graphic novel (anyone want to do the graphics?), Acts of Desolation: http://caelastory.blogspot.com/2009_03_01_archive.html; as well as her Utopian Flash Fiction Project -- series of flash fiction pieces around a federation of diverse villages each working out their methods of community life -- little dramatic impacts illustrating creative solutions to social problems: http://tribes.tribe.net/uff.

check out my book: Words from the Sky:
then, there's lunar ramblings:

Jane Røken

Jane Røken grew up on a diet of Russian folk tales, the Salvation Army, and Norwegian fiddle music. She believes in angels, moomintrolls, and rocks that chant in thunderstorms. She lives in Denmark, on the boggy interface between hedgerows and barley fields, and likes to think of herself as an internationalist.

Tanja Udelhofen

I have always been imaginative and creative. During my schooldays I took part in different art projects, and later attended several art classes. Being a self-educated person I never stop to develop my skills in different genres, but mostly I create surreal and dark themed artworks. Originally from Germany, I now live in the great city of Rotterdam, Netherlands, with my partner and my stepdaughter.

My contact information:

About the artwork: I had the idea for "Head Holder" as I thought about human beings and that they often tend to assimilate to avoid conflicts. I thought: What if human beings would loose their individual "faces" and expressions more and more? Would an expressive face be something teachers talk about to their pupils: "Now look at this photo: People used to have their very own faces with individual expressions. But this led to a lot of conflicts, and over time, we became peaceful, loving and completely faceless people."?

Santiago del Dardano Turann

There is very little to tell about my biography. I was born in April of 1968 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and grew-up in rural Butler county. After a period of wandering I settled in San Francisco, California. I do not have a college degree and have worked blue collar or retail jobs my whole adult life. My website is: http://dardanidae.yolasite.com

Little Lightening Bolt McCoy

Marcus McCoy Lives in Olympia, WA. Marcus is an animist and has been teaching about animism for many years. His work is inspired by the visions he has seen through shamanic healing work; and hopes to show through his work a glimpse of spirit in the animist world.

Marcus has seen that there are transpersonal relational dynamics involved in nature that we can sense and participate in fully aware, Marcus's goal is to bring awareness of those aspects of the whole to those that have not yet awakened to the possibility that there is more to be seen and known; and to encourage those that have to continue on.

If you are interested in showing some of his work, or buying a print, or require him to co-create with you on some projects, please drop him an email at


A note on visionary art...
In general visionary art seems to focus on specific phenomena that is, in my opinion, only one spectrum of the visionary experience. It has become in some ways slightly trite: day glow alien landscapes, angelic guides and ecological elves. In my work I like to focus some on the shadow. In participating in shamanic healing work we often come across in our visionary experiences that which some perceive as dark, difficult material, wrathful energies and beings, disturbing symbolism and metaphor. Remembering that it is the light that casts shadows, and always attempting to, as the Nepalese shamans do, keep my back to the shamanic fire, the light is consistently protecting my back while projecting my shadow ahead of me. I do this so that I can consistently work with the shadow material to benefit others. At times this work is successful to such a degree that I become transparent and the light of this fire shines through to the point where there is no shadow at all. This is often quite temporary... My hope is to inspire a commitment to this healing work in others, so that the light at their back can at times, when it is needed most, shine through them as well.
Bless and be blessed
Marcus McCoy
AKA Little Lightening Bolt


Fanitsa Petrou

"Fly out of Time" Gouache & ink.
The flight from Time and Space, two mirrors reflecting each other.
A spiral winding into eternity.

The spirit will fly.
Like a fly with diaphanous wings.

A fly. FLY!!" - Fanitsa Petrou

"Mind-navigated Flying" Couache.

"Interplanetary Flying.
Mind-navigated Flying.
Fly!" - Fanitsa Petrou

Hand rendered. Copyright © Fanitsa Petrou. All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorized reproduction will automatically lead to legal implications

Browse through the web site
http://www.fanitsa-petrou.com to check out over 550 ART-gift ideas! Original Art / Illustration / Art Prints / Angel Books / Angels / Fairies / New Age/ Fantasy Art/ Surrealism/ PORTRAITS/ Traditional Art/ Goddess Tradition/ Mythology/ Book covers/ Commercial Art/ Graphics/

William T. Hathaway

«Conscious Peace» is excerpted from a chapter from William T. Hathaway's new book, RADICAL PEACE: People Refusing War, which tells the first-person experiences of war resisters, deserters, and peace activists in Iraq, Afghanistan, North America, and Europe. It's a narrative journey along diverse paths of nonviolence, the true stories of people working for peace in unconventional ways. Other chapters are posted on the publisher's website at http://media.trineday.com/radicalpeace.
Hathaway's other books include A WORLD OF HURT (Rinehart Foundation Award), CD-RING and SUMMER SNOW. A selection of his writing is available at www.peacewriter.org.

Scientific evidence indicates this technique can cure the root cause of war -- stress in the collective consciousness -- and bring world peace. This could be the most important discovery of our time, and we can all participate in it. Several studies have shown that individuals meditating on their own for 20 minutes twice a day also contribute to this effect. More information and citations on the research can be found at www.permanentpeace.org.

Greg Bart/turance

My art is an endeavor to share the vulnerable depths of experience, in all their rawness and grace, in order to occasion insight and true maturity. I live in NY, and my work can be found at turance.deviantart.com

Julia Still

All my works are in mixed media and traditionally executed with a pair of lucky scissors, glue and heavy books of all kinds for pressing. Any computer effects are only to correct wrinkles in paper, reflections in scanning and unforeseen "bloops". Since I am recovering from brain surgery, my eyes do not tolerate the computer for long.

I consider my artwork as a tremendous gift from my imagination, my body and the Divine. It is steeped in symbols, archetypes and what treasures are to be unearthed from my unconscious. It is my language because images come to me more naturally than words. I create my images hopefully to contribute not only to my healing but to anyone who may need it, and that includes this home of ours called Earth. I pray that each and everyone's individual journey is blessed and guided by the stars and that this planet is surrounded by love and care.

You can see a more extensive collection of my work:

"Julia's Exploration of the Air Element" -the first collage dealing with my relationship with the elements accompanied by animals and spirits along the way.
"The Visitation" -inspired by the closest visit of Mars to Earth in 26,000 years.
"Realm Gazers" -dedicated to Jupiter and Sagittarius and the insatiable drive for adventure.

Olhos da Pastora

...a joker, a smoker, a midnight toker...some call me the space cowboy...

Olhos da Pastora is not my name, but rather a title of sorts. As an artist on the path of knowledge and self-discovery, I klug the Multiverse, merging resonant frequencies into pulsating heartbeats of beauty.I find joy and wonder in fleeting synchronicities and irreverent whimsy.



Arabella Proffer

Arabella is a painter, designer, and co-founder of the indie label Elephant Stone Records. Her loose narrative themes revolve around a fascination with punk rock, aristocrats, Renaissance fashions, aging socialites, pre-code cinema, gothic divas and rock 'n’ roll groupies. She attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA before receiving her BFA from California Institute of the Arts, and has participated in solo and group exhibitions throughout North America and Europe. Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, she has taken up residence in many cities including Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, and Boston. She currently lives with her husband on the shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio.
Contact: Purchases, exhibits or to be added to my email list: ArabellaProffer(at)Gmail.com
Interested in having a portrait done? Commission Info & Pricing Studio: Located at: The Screw Factory
"Space is the Place" 11x14" oil on panel, in honor of the first cosmonaut anniversary
"Blue Flower" oil on canvas 16x16 inches

Michael Pukac

Los Angeles Visionary Steampunk painter


Ione Citrin

Masquerade, 26" high" x 30" wide, acrylic on paper
A Statement by ione Citrin



Ione's art has shown nationally since 1998 when, after years of world travel, a successful television, radio, theatre and film career in the performing arts, she decided to focus her richly diverse talents on the visual arts. Ione's artistic expression, creativity, and passion for communication have resulted in numerous awards for her painting, sculpture, mixed media, and assemblage. Her work has also been featured in several important publications. Ione maintains an extensive exhibition schedule in juried, non-juried, and invitational arts venues.


Eric Chaet

Eric Chaet, born 1945, Chicago, South Side, worked in factories, warehouses, and offices. Author of Old Buzzard of No-Man's Land (1974); How To Change the World Forever For Better (1990, 2nd edition 1994); and People I Met Hitchhiking On USA Highways (2001). Wrote and
sang the songs, while playing guitar, on the vinyl LP, Solid and Sound (1977). Mid 80s to mid 90s, hitchhiked back and forth across USA, stapling posters he'd silkscreened on cloth to utility poles. His so-called poems have appeared in periodicals and websites in the USA, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. His website, 100 So-Called Poems, is at
http://www.ericchaetpoems.com. There is more information there, and a way to contact him.

Elena Mary Siff

In my studio, I interpret the mystery, the humor and the threat of my dreams. Like a beachcomber or a scavenger wondering among the ruins, I collect and juxtapose bits of disparate material, creating my own order. The souvenirs of my travels have been a constant source of inspiration.

"Everything can be used, but of course one doesn't know it at the time. How does one know what a certain object will tell another"

- Joseph Cornell.

That unpredictable dialogue is the basis of my method and my faith.

-Elena Mary Siff



Hector Pineda

Alex Chornyj

I am from Canada. I am a Reiki master teacher and as such my writing has an esoteric, spiritual accent to its influence. I have been published in books such as White Mountain Publications, in several magazines such as Articulations, The Tower Journal and The Canadian Federation Of Poetry; in online sources such as www.artistsforabetterworld.org , Decanto Magazine, Fashion For Collapse, Awaken Consciousness Magazine, Earthborne Magazine, Michael Solender's site at The Not, and in many blog talk radio spoken word programs such as Shaman's Hand and Poetry Super Highway. My address is xelanire@hotmail.com. I believe an inner consciousness creates a soul from which to see new shades of light. You can view my reiki information at www.jadeyogastudio.com.

Robert David Michael (Cerello)

was born in Glen Cove, Long Island, New York, and presently divides time between San Diego, CA, USA and Europe. He is an Objectivist philosopher and author. He graduated from Sayville High School, Pomona College, Laverne University's Teacher's program and holds an MA from the University of Virginia and an ESL certificate from S.D.S.U. He has written plays, novels, short stories, songs, screenplays, criticism, non-fiction, verse and poetry for forty years. He aspires to be a scientist of the arts and is well-known as a lecturer, actor, singer and teacher.

Diana Manister


Poet, sometime novelist, short story writer, and essayist. Said with some tongue in cheek, but when asked about my career I tend to think of what Djuna Barnes said about herself late in life: America's best kept literary secret. One reviewer has said of my work: "Terreson's is a masculine voice that heeds the feminine, and unites these contrasting aspects into a rich, harmonizing body of experience." I can go with that, at least viewed as motive. I've always kept to a daytime job and not just for money. These years it involves honey bees and honey bee queens in the Deep South.

I can be found on Delectable Mnts Salon Chat poetry board:
http://bdelectablemnts.runboard.com/ -- "DM styles itself on the salon notion. It looks to be a gathering of free thinkers, dilettantes, amateurs (which means 'lover of the thing'), aficionados (which means 'to have an affection for the thing,'), and conversationalists for whom conversation is as essential as bread and water. Ideally the board is a place where doctors of philosophy, mathematicians, poets, outlaws, technicians, experts, liberal artists, housewives, garbage collectors, and desperados can bounce ideas and experience off each other."

Susan Adams

an Australian poet who has been published in anthologies, online and print literary journals both in Australia and internationally. She has been read on ABC Radio National 'Poetica' and 'All in The Mind'. Among her recent publications in the last month have been Eureka Street, Five Bells and Eclecticism.

Interested in submitting to a future issue:

Enjoy the journey -- and don't hesitate to revisit past issues in the archives ~

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